Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • How to Get the Most Out of This Course

    • Don't Forget To Pick Up Your Certificate!

  2. 3
    • About Your Instructor: Sara Maria Hasbun

    • About Your Instructor: Linda Selmani

    • About Your Instructor: Bum Kim

    • What Does Life Look Like as a Freelance Translator? Bum Kim's Story

    • My Freelance Routine: Linda Selmani's Story

  3. 4
    • What is the "Art of Translation"?

    • Faithful vs Natural Translations

    • How to Research Terms for Your Translations

    • Expectations of Translation Accuracy

    • Translation Quality Assurance

    • More Quality Assurance Tools

    • Quiz: Quality Assurance

  4. 5
    • Translation Specializations

    • List of Potential Translation Specializations

    • Should You Be a Generalist?

    • Quiz: Specializations

  5. 6
    • The Basics of Freelance Translation

    • Further Resources: Research Strategies for Translators

    • Your Source and Target Languages

    • Quiz: Your Source and Target Languages

    • Capacity: How Much Can You Translate in a Day?

    • What is a Certified or Sworn Translator?

    • Quiz: Certified and Sworn Translation

    • Are You Qualified to Work as a Translator?

  6. 7
    • CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) Tools

    • Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

    • Other Useful Translation Technologies

    • Further Resources: CAT Tools + MTPE

  7. 8
    • The Importance of Feedback

    • Handling Positive Translation Feedback

    • Handling Negative Feedback

    • Quiz: Handling Negative Feedback

    • Types of Errors

    • Accepting Responsibility for Translation Mistakes

    • When the Client Is Wrong

  8. 9
    • Setting Up Your Freelance Business: Your Website

    • Your Website: Quiz

    • Sample Translator Websites

    • Your Translation Resume/CV

    • Download Our Translator CV Template

    • Discuss: Pictures in CVs

    • Translation Portals: ProZ, TranslatorsCafe

    • Professional Associations for Translators

    • Finding and Landing Your First Freelance Translation Job

    • Freelancer Insurance

    • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Translation Clients

    • Links: Other Helpful Courses

  9. 10
    • You're Doing Great! Any Questions?

  10. 11
    • Contracts

    • Discussion: Non-Compete Clauses

    • Payment Terms

    • GDPR

    • Translation Purchase Orders

    • Sample Translation Contracts, Purchase Orders, and Further Guidance

    • Quiz: Translation Purchase Orders

  11. 12
    • Rates and Quoting

    • How to Spy on Your Competitor ('s Rates)

    • More Rate Guidance

  12. 13
    • Maintaining Your Languages

    • Learning A New Language for Translation

    • Which Language Should You Learn to Work as a Freelance Translator?

  13. 14
    • More learning resources for translators

  14. 15
    • The Future of the Translation Industry

    • The Future of Machine Translation

    • Congratulations!

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